The inhabitants of Rodik know every inch of their land, and a story can be told anywhere in the surrounding nature that has been touched by human hands. The mythical park and its 12 mythological/folklore points take you back into the world of our ancestors, to the mythical Baba, the cult snake, to “Šembilja” – seen as the devil riding in a glowing chariot, through to our ancestors the Ajdi, the mysterious places where the world of the dead may be entered through caves, or places that are the past work of the Christian landscape designers.

Two walking paths are available: among the trees that form the upper part of Lintver the dragon on the flysch Brkini ridge or along the lower section of the Baba loop on the hard karst soil that makes up part of the limestone area which can also be explored by bike. Using the map, follow the red and grey markings. A stone marker will also indicate that you have come to a point where you can enter the mythical world by crossing a stone threshold.

As well as the narrative, on the app you can find some modern special sculptures with an image of the narrative tradition that relates to the point you have reached. Solve the puzzle and take a photo! Post your photo online using #mitskiparkrodik. The most original images will be given a prize! The solution to all of the puzzles will lead you to Baba at the Interactive Centre in Rodik.


Lintver’s circuit: 2 hours; the additional checkpoint at Križen Drev takes another 30 mins, for the other checkpoint at Pod Lisičino allow 20 mins;

Baba’s circuit: 3 hours by foot, 1 hour by bike; another 40 mins (15 mins by bike) for the additional checkpoint at Fukova Jama and 40 mins (15 mins by bike) for the checkpoint at Globoka Jama.


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