Visit Mythical park

The cross-border mythical park connects the village of Rodik in Slovenia with the Mošćenička Draga region in Croatia to form a very special presentation of a mythical landscape in a European setting. In the midst of the park’s unspoilt nature and traditional architecture, theme-based routes and visitor centres are available to help you to get a sense of how the mythical world appeared in times long ago.


Tourist offer

The areas of Hrpelje-Kozina (Rodik) and Mošćenička Draga (Trebišća) have a great selection of accommodation, catering and other tourist facilities available for those visiting the Mythical park. Everyone will enjoy a visit to the Mythical park, regardless of their age or interests, with the Park being especially attractive to families with kids, couples and more active guests who may also take advantage of the special additional facilities found in the area.

Basic and additional tourist offers and services are available in advance, and further information can be obtained regarding facilities, with a specific recommendation for the cross-border destination of the MYTHIC PARK. All these can be found below.